Omiros College-Greek Language & Culture

About Us

Omiros College offers Greek language and culture classes throughout Melbourne, from 3 year old Kinder to Year 12 (VCE)

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Omiros College offers the following classes

Early years

Primary School Classes

Secondary School Classes

Dance School Classes
Greek Dancing is part of the curriculum, in addition there are dance schools operating outside school hours, at different locations (see campuses). You may register your child either by calling our Office or with the Dance Teacher at the school. The cost is $95 for each student for the year, regardless of commencement date.

Greek For Adults

Classes for members of inter-ethnic marriages and those who wish to improve their communication skills in Greek.

Greek as a Secondary Language (G.S.L.)

The College implements the language programme (G.S.L.) for non-Greek speaking students and students who speak limited Greek.