Omiros College-Greek Language & Culture

Year 7 & 8

YEAR 7/8 (VELS Level 5)


Demonstrate comprehension of overall meaning and supporting details in authentic and modified written texts, oral discussions or presentations by using the information to solve simple problems, provide concrete reasons for an action/decision, or express a personal view on the topic.


Present and request information and opinions (including evaluative comments) on memorable experiences, current and past events, and topics of interest, in class discussions, conversations and oral presentations.


Identify the main characters, events and themes in imaginative texts, extract details from informational texts and use the ideas to provide advice, make a decision, solve a problem.


Convey personal experiences, describe events, facts and opinions on topics of interest, or a topic of research through different types of text, such as letters, narratives, poems and reports.


  • Greece (History, Culture, Geography)
  • Olympic Games
  • Special Days
  • Human relationships
  • National & religious celebrations
  • Daily Life  

Greek dance is part of the programme.

Class books

  • Elliniki Glossa kai Paradosi – Greek Language and Tradition (Includes text, activities and grammar)
  • Ellinika apo Konta – Greek up Close (Texts and Activities)