Omiros College-Greek Language & Culture

VCE 11 & 12

The College follows the VCE programme as outlined by the Department of Education and the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA).

VCE 2013 Graduation Ceremony



The programme has been designed so that students will learn:

  • to communicate successfully (orally and in writing)
  • to develop and consolidate abilities in comprehension and reproduction of the Greek language
  • to develop their personal and cultural identity
  • to adequately prepare themselves in various language structures related to their everyday life, e.g. work, education, leisure, etc.
  • to develop an awareness of the social and linguistic richness of the Australian society
  • to understand the significance of an organised and systematic approach to the learning of the Greek language or any LOTE
  • to respect and value the ideas, way of life, the intellect, the literature, the history and the culture of Greece.
  • generally to acquire social and cultural knowledge which will be beneficial to themselves as well as the wider community.