Omiros College-Greek Language & Culture

Grade 2

YEAR 2 (VELS Level 2)


Demonstrate comprehension of single items of information, such as number, color and location, through action, drawing, mime, drama, or by responding to questions.


Respond to questions in everyday classroom and social routines (e.g. greetings, self, friends, belongings, roll call, date, weather, birthday song, naming objects, stating number).


Read words, labels/captions, short phrases and simple sentences.


Write and spell single words or phrases correctly to complete a simple sentence.

Themes covered

  • Customs & traditions – Me – Myself
  • My family / My home – Friends
  • School – Special Days
  • Environment – Animals
  • Occupations – Health / Nutrition Olympic Games 

Teaching strategies & resources

  • Drama / Role Play
  • Songs
  • Poems
  • Educational games
  • Videos
  • Library Activities
  • Computer programmes
  • Dance

Class books

  • Matheno ti Glossa mou (text and exercise book)
  • H Elliniki Glossa
  • Pezo me ti Glossa mou (grammar book)
  • A variety of readers (e.g. The Dentist, My Grandpa and Grandma)