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2021 New School Year Information

Dear parents,

We take this opportunity to wish you and your family a happy and prosperous New Year and to extend a warm welcome to all students for the 2021 School Year. Having reached a 37 year milestone of cultivating the Greek language and culture, we are proud to share with you our rejuvenated enriched curriculum which incorporates further the element of verbal communication. Community languages have been given permission by the Department of education to commence face to face classes. Our high achieving journey continues… We can’t wait to see our students in February!

Congratulations to our 2020 VCE class for their great results.

1. The 2021 Enrolment Form

2. 2021 Information Letter

3. Term Dates

4. 2021 Calendar

5. Handbook 2021

6. Student Requirements

7. Students Safety Policies

Classes will commence from Monday, 1st February onwards.

The Enrolment Form should be returned on the first day of attendance, according to the regulations of the College and the Department of Education, completed and signed by parent(s)/guardian(s). Please take the time to check and update the details required on the Enrolment Form carefully (telephone numbers, email etc

It is a College regulation for all students to wear their Omiros polo shirt during the whole school year and the College jacket during Winter. Existing students who require a new polo shirt or jacket should inform the school. New students will receive their polo shirt and jacket (hoodie) upon commencement of classes.

Students are advised to bring their own snack and a bottle of water.

Families requiring further copies of the 2021 calendar, please contact our Office.

The Curriculum has been revised and our books have been adapted at all levels to meet our students’ needs.

In case a student cannot a attend a class they can choose to go to another campus.

If you have not already connected with Flexischools app simply download the application and select Omiros College. Download Flexischools then choose your child’s class in order in order to receive weekly communication. Those who have the app remember to tick your child’s 2021 year level.

Please feel free to call our office at any time, on 9380 6055, and our Live Messaging System will notify us immediately of your message. Your feedback is immensely appreciated:

On behalf of our School Community, we appreciate your ongoing support, as we acknowledge that most of our new enrolments are a result of your personal endorsement of our program to other parents.

Kind Regards

Tassos I. Douvartzides

Principal 0404 470 000


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