Omiros College-Greek Language & Culture

Year 9 & 10

YEAR 9/10 (VELS Level 6)


Demonstrate comprehension of major themes, ideas and cultural aspects by summarising, explaining, expressing an opinion and presenting information from a range of sources in another format.


Present and request information coherently in conversation or talks and outline a point of view on topics related to issues of concern to young people.


Identify ideas, opinions, events, roles, themes and cultural perspectives in imaginative and informational texts, comment on them, and use them to provide a summary, a personal reflection,a solution or a comparison.


Convey ideas and opinions, and develop a simple argument on topics of social or cultural importance in imaginative and informational texts, such as correspondence, stories, summaries, reports.

Topics covered

  • Family and Culture
  • Special days
  • Greek Mythology
  • Greeks Abroads
  • Daily Life
  • Life in Greece
  • Olympic Games 

Class Books

  • Elinika htes…simera…avrio – Greek Yesterday…today…tomorrow (Texts and Activities)
  • Grammar Book