Omiros College-Greek Language & Culture

Kinder & Prep

Demonstrate comprehension of Greek words and phrases by following routine classroom instructions, using single words or very short phrases, and identifying objects and numbers 1-10.



Use single words (objects, colours, numbers) or short phrases in action-related activities, songs and games in Greek.



Recognise single words or phrases in texts and provide key words in a story that is read in class.



Trace words and phrases, or copy words to label an illustration.



  • to develop children’s interest in the Greek language.
  • to help children understand and cultivate the Greek language and culture through themes, activities and games appropriate to their age and experiences.
  • to provide the opportunity for children to learn to communicate effectively in Greek, in real – life situations.
  • to extend their conceptual development.
  • to teach children to develop their social skills and appreciate and respect individuality.
  • to ensure enjoyment through participation while learning the Greek language.

Emphasis is placed on oral communication through:

  • Discussion
  • Dramatisation / Role Play
  • Learning and reciting of poems
  • Songs
  • Games
  • Narration and retelling of stories


The children will learn:


  • Recognise the letters of the Greek alphabet
  • Write their name
  • Count from one to ten
  • Colours
  • Days of the week
  • Seasons
  • Poems, songs and dances
  • Traditional greek games
  • Identify words and phrases
  • Respond to questions and instructions

Themes covered:

  • Me
  • My Family
  • Celebrations (e.g. 25th March, Easter, Christmas)
  • Friends
  • Animals
  • Foods
  • Olympic Games

Teaching strategies and materials used:

  • Books
  • Poems, songs, dance
  • Educational games
  • Greek videos
  • Posters / pictures
  • Discussion on topics of interest
  • Drama
  • Show and tell
  • Nature walks around school grounds
  • Communicative games such as: “Simon says”, “Doggy doggy who’s got the bone”, “Wolf, wolf are you here?” etc

Class books

  • Matheno tin Alfavita
  • A variety of readers