Omiros College-Greek Language & Culture

Grade 5 & 6

YEAR 5/6 (VELS Level 4)


Demonstrate comprehension of main ideas and supporting details in social interaction and in informational texts by responding orally to questions, or by ordering and presenting information in a given written format, such as a diagram, graph or chart.



Ask for and provide factual information about people, places or events; express feelings and preferences, and complete transactions.



Sequence, classify and compare key points of information and use the information to make a decision, complete a grid, or present results of, for example, a simple survey.


Write a paragraph to convey personal information, a sequence of events and information gained from other sources, in narratives, simple letters, charts, postcards, invitations.


  • Me / My friends
  • Family
  • Picnics / Holidays
  • Customs & traditions (social, cultural,national, religious)
  • Cultural Celebrations
  • Television
  • Animals
  • Mythology
  • Olympic Games  


Greek dance is part of the programme.

Class books

  • Grammata pane kai erhontai… Book 2 (Texts)
  • Grammata pane kai erhontai… Exercise Book – Book 2 (Includes Activities and Grammar)
  • Emeis ki oi Alloi (Us and Them) Book 2