Omiros College-Greek Language & Culture

Message From The Principal

Welcome to all our students, parents and friends . It give us great pleasure to review and explore our school community, through our Hand Book .
You will find information about our School philosophy, our quality curriculum, our staff and what students are taught at each grade level .

This year, we will continue our focus on engaging our students in authentic, real-life educational activities . Emphasis is placed on maximising students potential as one of the most important ingredients for success in learning Greek . Our students supply the motivation to work hard and the staff teach them the strategies to work smarter and achieve better results .

Omiros students are exposed to a number of exciting learning experiences and are able to perform to the best of their abilities .

This is evident from the results shown from our assessment and evaluation strategies and from students’ increased enthusiasm towards learning Greek .

Our VCE students continue to obtain high marks with an outstanding 94% of students achieving results between B and A+ .
Our students’ success continues as Maria Mazis joins our high achievers In 2014, obtaining 47/50 study score! being amongst the first 3 top students in the subject of Greek in the State of Victoria: Emily Kazakeou 3A+ and 46/50 study score in the 2013 and Angelique Gouliovas 3A+ and 47/50 study score in the 2012.

Our key purpose is to continue providing passion and pride in exploring the Greek language and culture, through quality and flexible provision of education .

We hope that 2015 will bring everyone good health, personal and family happiness . May this year be a peaceful one, filled with success and prosperity for the whole of humanity .

Kind Regards,


Tassos I . Douvartzides, B .A ., Grad . Dip . Ed ., M .Ed .


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